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Choose an article from McSweeney's Internet Tendency to design a basic webpage for. Use typography, graphics, illustrations, video etc. to convey the topic. 


List: Respectful Yo Mama Jokes, by Lucas Klauss


I decided to create 6 short videos, one for each joke. Each video would include a specific setting pertaining to the joke and a character addressing the camera and saying the joke in context. 

The pre production for this included location scouting, finding actors, and organizing times to shoot. As for the website, with a list article the page could be very minimal but still functional. Including thumbnail images for each video, titles on each thumbnail, image change on hover, and the video would play when the image is clicked on. 

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Each thumbnail is a still from the video with a title over it, and high opacity for text legibility. These images are on the homepage of the website, when hovered over the text on the image goes away and the picture lowers in opacity. 

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original images

Images without titles and regular opacity. 

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This was the final layout of the website. I wanted it to have a 70's style design and text that interacted with the images, but stayed legible. 

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This is a loop of the 6 videos that I created for the project.